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Himyar is a playable faction in Total War: Attila.. They were introduced with the Empires of Sand Culture Pack.


Himyar is a powerful Arabian kingdom on the peninsula. The Himyarites survive in their arid lands through a series of specialised adaptations to the desert.

The Sabaean Kingdom is diminished and, in its place, Himyar ascends! The victorious Shamir Yuhar'ish has declared himself "King of Saba, Dhu Raydan and of Hadramawt and Yamanat" at his coronation, and no one dares challenge this proclamation.

Sabaean local power was based, in large part, on overland trade routes, but Himyar has discovered and exploited new sea trade routes to India, making it the principle economic power in southern Arabia. Much like neighbouring Aksum, Himyar controls the flow of trade along major trade routes to the east.

The militaristic Himyarites relentlessly pursue their aims, particularly when facing the hated Aksumites. Himyar has even recently converted to Judaism, seemingly only to fuel the constant war that rages between them. It has sacrificed much to hold onto a powerful position during a tumultuous time, and will surely seize the future by force of will alone!

Faction Traits[]

Cultural Traits[]

Desert Kingdoms[]

"When only the hardiest of men survive here, it takes a special breed to thrive and prosper."

  • Scourge of the Desert: +15 melee attack during desert battles
  • Fractured Faiths: Increased public order penalty for religious differences between new religions
  • Attrition: Immune to desert attrition
  • Sunscorched: +2 sanitation

Faction Traits[]

Desert Warriors[]

"A way of life, a way of war - the harsh desert conditions dictate both."

  • Fatigue rate: -15% for all units
  • Ma'rib Dam: Unique fertility-boosting building at the captial
  • Desert Saboteurs: Stops foreign replenishment in regions where armies are present.

Unit Roster[]

Melee Infantry Desert TribesmenAthar’s ChosenBaltha DefendersBaltha WarriorsKhahyahlimSahnegohrimZafar SentinelsZealot SicariusKushite Shotelai
Spear Infantry Desert LevyDesert Spears
Missile Infantry Desert BowmenDesert HurlersElite Nubian ArchersAshumRumha SkirmishersRumha Warriors
Melee Cavalry Arabic HorsemenArmoured Camel WarriorsCamel WarriorsDesert ChieftainDesert RaidersDesert WarlordArmoured Himyarite ShotelaiHimyarite ShotelaiJamal al-BalthaKushite Mounted Shotelai
Shock Cavalry Camel LancersAlmaqah’s Lancers
Missile Cavalry Desert Mounted JavelinmenDesert Mounted SkirmishersJamal al-RumhaZodiac Archers
Siege Artillery OnagerBastion Onager

Starting Conditions[]


Arabia Felix

  • Zafar -
  • Eudaemon -


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