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The High Queen of the Amazons, beset on all sides by enemies, ponders on how to ensure the survival of her new kingdom.
— campaign loading screen

Hippolyta is a Homeric-historical and playable character featured in Total War Saga: Troy. She is an Epic Archer Hero, part of the Amazon culture group. Her campaign is only playable after obtaining the Amazons DLC.


A seasoned veteran by the time of the Trojan War, her previously fiery character had been tempered by years of fighting such legendary figures as Theseus and Heracles. Also a skilled diplomat, she was a consummate peacemaker whole single obsession was the establishment of an Amazon kingdom that would endure the ages.₋₋₋[sic]

In mythology, Hippolyta was Ares' daughter, and the Olympian bestowed upon her a magic girdle to symbolise her rule. It was this item that Heracles was tasked to retrieve for his ninth labour - the legendary warrior stealing Hippolyta's prized belt and sailing away with it.₋₋₋[sic]


Hippolyta was the queen of the Amazons at the end of the Bronze Age. While the younger Penthesilea led their vengeful sisters to war, she was chiefly concerned with securing a peaceful future for her people.


Remain cautious of the Achaeans settled in Asia while Troy gathers their forces.

Maeonians from the north and east seek to destroy the Amazon capital of Anthea. Lord Sarpedon of Lycia may prove to be an invaluable ally against the Maeonians, provided the queen agrees to aid him in expelling the Achaeans from Crete.


Amazons are slowly coming together as a people behind their ruler's ultimate ambition- the establishment of the first Amazon kingdom. Hippolyta has taken her people to their ancient birth place. These settlements are considered sacred, and will provide Amazon treasures which can be distributed when performing various feats within the faction, in turn speeding up any undertaking be it improving the armies, upgrading settlements, or to secure new treaties.

Amazons can directly recruit only their most basic units. Once a unit has proven itself by campaigning and gained experience, it can be initiated into the Amazon war mysteries to become more powerful unit.

Amazons were the first to adopt fighting on horseback and have access to cavalry units. Hippolyta's armies are based around mobility and long-range engagement and rely on spear-infantry, archers and chariots.

Epic mission chain[]

  • Fabled Ephesos
  • War's Blessings
  • Lessons of the Past
  • Beset By Enemies
  • Mother of the Gods
  • The Caves of Lesbos
  • Amazon Walls
  • The Athenian Thieves
  • Hippolyta's Girdle