Hizen is a province in Total War: Shogun 2.


Situated on the north-west of Kyushu, Hizen is a wealthy province whose coastal location and proximity to the Asian mainland makes it an important centre for trade with foreigners. It was from Hizen that Toyotomi Hideyoshi launched his ill-fated invasions of Korea, culminating in a Japanese defeat at the hands of combined Korean and Chinese armies.

General InformationEdit

Hizen has extremely close proximity to trade nodes: ships built from its port can reach the silk trade node next to it in just one turn. It can also increase trade profits thanks to its naval tradition. Finally, it has very fertile soil. These qualities make it an excellent province to own. 

Hizen is bordered by Tsukushi to the east. The only other way to access (or invade) Hizen is by sea.

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