"Gods...I hate Gauls. My grandfather hated them too, even before they put out his eyes. Did you think I'd be out here on the frontier without good reason? Yes, Rome needs a strong frontier. No, Rome doesn't need unwashed barbarians at her gates! So, that's why I'm here, the leader of the Julii: to bring Roman order to stinking Gauls. Revenge? That'd be good too. This war against the Gauls won't last long, and when it's done, I've got plans. This is all about power, power in Rome. Going down that road means dealing with all my rivals: the Senate, the Greeks, those Carthaginian elephant-riders, the Scipii and the Brutii families too. After all, the man who controls Rome rules the world...and one day, I will be Emperor."

- Julii campaign intro

The House of Julii is one of the three first playable Roman factions along with The House of Scipii and The House of Brutii in Rome: Total War. Julii comes after the name Julius for each family member. Being one of the three Roman families, the House of the Julii will receive missions from the Senate, and will be forced to deal with the consequences of not completing them.

The Julii are one of three notable patrician families in the early Roman Republic. Based in central Italy and tasked with the job of dealing with the various barbaric tribes north of Rome, they obey the Senate's orders with a vengeance - for now.

In the onset of the Imperial Campaign, the Julii are still very high-ranking, but perhaps not as prosperous as they once were. The opportunities presented by the current age of aggression offers a wide venue for the Julii to vie for power. Under the skill of good leadership, the Julii can accomplish great things for Rome - and themselves. After all, there is no one today who has not heard the name Gaius Julius Caesar, who is a member of this Roman family.

As with their sister-factions, the Julii command a faction that is populated by Roman legions. Their benefits are generally their infantry, and their cavalry selection is modestly impressive.

The Julii start with a strong foothold on northern Italy, and therefore serve as a gateway into the German and Gallic regions of the north. Their color is scarlet, and their thirst for power and blood matches that shade quite well. They vie for power in the north, then they should turn their attention to the south to their Roman allies - or rivals.

The Julii have the same advantages as the other Romans. They are an extension of the Senate and therefore should obey their whim. To do this, they have the ability to muster the same powerful, disciplined and varied units that the S.P.Q.R., Brutii and Scipii can. Their strength is in infantry, and they are moderate in cavalry. Their cities are:

  • Arretium (Capital City)
  • Arminium (Large Town)

At a certain point during the game, the Senate will demand that The Head of Julii commit suicide. If the player accepts their demand, the heir will become the faction leader and the process will be renewed several years later. If the player refuses, it will initiate a Civil War, a gameplay mechanic unique to the Roman factions. It should be noted that, once the House of Julii's popularity with the people is high enough, the player can simply initiate the Civil War by attacking another Roman faction.

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The Roman Units serving the House of Julii.