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"My family, the House of Scipii, are beloved of the gods. A proud boast, but true all the same. In return we have served Rome, ruled well, led her armies to glory; it has cost us dearly, despite the love of the gods. Sometimes the hatred of men is stronger. Our dead lie in many graves, put there by Carthaginian swords...and a few Greek ones. Even Roman blades have taken Scipii lives; that, we do not forget, or forgive. So, now our time has come. The spirits of the dead cry out for blood. I will lead our family in this undertaking. The gods will grant us vengeance. When Sicily is Roman, when Carthage is crushed, when the other Roman families are gone, when the world is mine...then I will stand before the gods and be worthy of their love. And worthy to rule Rome!" -Scipii Campaign Introduction

The Scipii are one of the three playable factions in RTW that are playable from the beginning (the other two, of course, being the other Roman Houses, the Brutii and Julii).

Scipii Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png

Being one of the three Roman families, the House of the Scipii will receive missions from the Senate, and will be forced to deal with the consequences of not completing them.

The Scipii are another of the Roman factions and they have the ability to abolish the Carthaginians that make their cities in Africa. They are somewhat different from the other factions, appreciating the old-world elements of Greece. The Scipii start with a small hold in Italy, but have the power to expand outward to the sea.

Their goals are to gain honor and dominate Rome under their supreme rule.

The Scipii start out as a wealthy Roman family, but with a few problems. They're not as respected as the other Roman factions and therefore don't start out with much. However, tasked with eliminating the Carthaginians, they have a vast goal that would elevate them into the hearts of all Romans.

In the House of Scipii, powerful Roman legionaries and cavalry can be trained for the glory of the Senate. Strengths in infantry outweigh that of horse legions, but they are a well-rounded faction, capable of nothing but total domination.

At a certain point during the game, the Senate will demand that The Head of Scipii commit suicide. If the player accepts their demand, the heir will become the faction leader and the process will be renewed several years later. If the player refuses, it will initiate a Civil War, a gameplay mechanic unique to the Roman factions. It should be noted that, once the House of Scipii's popularity with the people is high enough, the player can simply initiate the Civil War by attacking another Roman faction. The Scipii Romans begin with control of two settlements, Capua on the Italian mainland and Messana in north-eastern Sicily.

The Scipii initially have a hard time in the campain. They are the only faction whose first settlement, they are ordered to take, will initiate a war. However, they start out with more troops compared to the other families, and in the later stages of the game can dominate other factions with their vastly superior fleet units.

Mirmillo Gladiators: Every Roman faction has its own unique type of gladiator, and the Mirmillo Gladiators are the ones that are available to the Scipii.

Corvus Quinquireme: A battleship that is slightly more powerful than a regular quinquireme. Becomes available when a player builds a temple to Neptune in the capital city.

Deceres - The most powerful battleship available to any nation. They become available once the player builds a Pantheon to Neptune.

Into the Scipii family was born one of the most famous world commander and Hannibal Barca's defeater - Publius Cornelius Scipio.