For the Napoleon: Total War version of this unit, see Hungarian Grenadiers (Napoleon: Total War).

Hungarian Grenadiers
Hungarian Grenadiers
Appears in Empire: Total War
Belongs to Austria
Type Support Infantry
Weapon(s) Musket; Grenade
Ammunition 15
Soldiers in each unit 20/40/60/80
Melee Attack 12
Charge bonus 16
Defense skill 17
Morale 9
Range 70
Accuracy 50
Reloading 40
Tech requirement None
Produced from Military Governor's Barracks in Hungary
Cost 1080 SP/710 MP
Upkeep 270
Turns to Train 1
Unit Cap 10
Hungarian Grenadiers Icon
Hungarian Grenadiers are grenadiers in Empire: Total War. They are available to Austria with the Elite Units of the West DLC. 


Hungarian Grenadiers are strong men with the ability to hurl a grenade with precision into enemy lines.

Recruited from the largest and strongest men available, grenadiers must be capable of throwing a grenade far enough away so that the subsequent explosion does not kill them! Even so, fuses are notoriously unreliable, and men sometimes die from premature explosions. Yet no matter how worrying grenades are for the grenadiers, they are definitely worse for the targets!

Grenadiers, thanks to their imposing stature, are also used as close-quarters shock troops, as they have the edge in a melee over smaller men.

Historically, Hungarian Grenadiers were a sight to behold on the battlefield in their magnificent uniforms. Hungarian units in the Austrian army were raised by feudal levy. Although the Austrians had an integrated military, Hungary remained a separate kingdom, even though it shared a Hapsburg monarch with Austria. Military enlistment in Austrian service was originally for life; in 1757 limited service was introduced in the hopes of attracting better recruits and thereby improving the calibre of the soldiers. Men were allowed to enlist for a maximum of 6 years or for the duration of the any hostilities, whichever was longer.

General InformationEdit

Hungarian Grenadiers are hardy, versatile units that are a cut above Grenadiers. In the Grand Campaign, their regiment limit of 10 allows them to be a substantial presence in the Austrian army, and they do a great job shoring up the weaknesses of Austrian Line Infantry.

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