Improved Farming
Etw wc improved farming
Prerequisite The Warpath DLC


Research Points Needed
Building Needed Chief's Lodge
Leads To None
Stream Economy and Culture, Native
  • +0.5% to the population growth impact of farms
  • Enables building of High Chief's Lodge
Improved Farming is a Technology in Empire: Total War. It is available with The Warpath Campaign DLC.


Applying European argicultural techniques to existing native knowledge produces a beautiful and varied harvest.

European settlers have brought new crops of coffee, sugar cane, spices and wheat to cultivate; cattle, pigs, and sheep; and new iron tools. When combined with the native knowledge of the land, these new agricultural ideas can provide plentiful harvests to feed future generations, as long as the farmer maintains a healthy respect for the nature spirits, and does not try to exploit them.

Long before Europeans arrived, the Native Americans already had a long history of farming, including crops such as potatoes, tobacco, squash,cocoa, and beans. Slash-and-burn techniques were used to clear large areas, and crop locations were regularly moved to prevent over-farming.The Europeans introduced improved tools, new crops and a heavier emphasis on livestock. In parts of the New World the natives reared alpacas and woodland guinea pigs for food, but most of their meat came from hunting rather than rearing domesticated animals. Incidentally,the turkey is the only domesticated North American farm animal.