Etw wc ironworking
Prerequisite The Warpath DLC


Research Points Needed
Building Needed Hunting Grounds
Leads To None
Stream Military, Native
Ironworking is a Technology in Empire: Total War.


Being able to work metal well makes the manufacture of weapons a quicker, easier process.

As America becomes home to an increasing number of European settlers, gunpowder weapons have become widespread. It is therefore useful for native nations to manufacture and maintain guns for themselves, instead relying on trade with foreigners for weapons. Ironworking is a new practice for many, but vital if the tribes are to survive.

Historically, the Navajo and Hopi people were famed for their ability to make jewellery; silversmithing was particularly advanced among the Navajo. Other metalworking skills could be added to these methods, as the scale might be different but the principles were the same.