Izumo is a province in Total War: Shogun 2.


Izumo is moderately wealthy and situated on the west coast of the Chugoku region. The province is known as “the home of the Gods” and is the setting for many myths and legends. One such legend suggests that the passage to Yomi, the Japanese underworld, was in Izumo. The entrance was said to have been sealed forever by the Shinto god Izanagi after he attempted to rescue his sister from the underworld.

General InformationEdit

Izumo has slightly better soil quality than most of its neighbors, but its lack of specialties or resources make it an unremarkable province. It is a possible target for early invasion by the Mori Clan as it is initially owned by the Amako Clan, who start the campaign at war with the Mori. Its close proximity to the warhorse trade node directly to its north makes it a useful hub for training trade ships.

Izumo is bordered by Iwami to the west, Bingo to the south, and Hoki to the east.

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