The Kingdom of Jerusalem is a playable faction in The Crusades Campaign of Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms. Along with the Principality of Antioch, they are a Catholic Crusader faction. The Kingdom of Jerusalem, including parts of modern-day Israel, Palestine and Lebanon, was one of the crusader states created during the First Crusade.


The Kingdom of Jerusalem starts with the key city of Jerusalem and a number of castles and towns in the area such as, Tyre and Kerak. To the South are the Egyptians, who will prove to be the Kingdom of Jerusalem's greatest enemy. To the east there the rebel settlements of Homs, Damascus and Balbek. To the North there is the Principality of Antioch. The Kingdom of Jerusalem starts with a large amount of armies, But are limited by the fact that Egypt gains a few units very early on in an inevitable jihad. The Kingdom of Jerusalem's military power is centred around heavy cavalry such as the Constable of Jerusalem and Knights of Jerusalem. They also have good infantry and access to mercenaries from the ports. Like the Principality of Antioch, the Kingdom of Jerusalem lack the mounted archers and missile units in general that the Islamic factions have. They do however have some effective crossbowmen.

The Kingdom of Jerusalem may make use of the Knights Templar religious order, thus giving them access to unique units - of whom only one of each may be present on the campaign map at one time.

The Kingdom of Jerusalem has access to a single "Hero" character, a powerful individual possessing special abilities capable of turning the tide of battle. Richard the Lionheart appears at turn 12 with a large army, he is the Kingdom of Jerusalem's hero and only appears once. He has a special ability to rally all routing men and return them to wavering status.


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