For the faction leader, see Liu Bei (character).

Liu Bei leads his own faction in Total War: Three Kingdoms. Liu Bei leads the faction with no family or wife, but has oathsworn brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in his army. Initially begins with no commanderies in the Dong Province.

Early Game Edit

LiuBei map

"Liu Bei sees chaos in the face of Dong Zhuo and will not rest until the tyrant's corruption is uprooted and the Han dynasty restored. His family - the Liu family - is only nominally attached to the Han, yet there are still those who urge Liu Bei to redeem China from madness and restore the crumbling dynasty. Humble, virtuous, and kind, Liu Bei is an inspiring presence, summoning strength from unlikely places, and forging unshakable bonds with those who follow him."

Unique Features Edit

  • Yi Archers
  • Yi Marksmen
  • Shu Han Tax Collection (Governmental building chain)
    Liu Bei Unique Units

    Liu Bei Unique Units

    • +Peasantry income
    • - Public order
  • Confederation (Diplomatic option)
    • Can confederate other factions from the start of the campaign
  • Integrate (Settlement action)
    • Annexes and integrates Han Empire settlements

Faction's Unique Resource: Unity Edit

  • Increases your prestige
  • Unlocks administrator positions and increases income
  • Unity Increases if generals are satisfied
  • Satisfaction can be managed with unique assignments
  • Playstyle focus: Companionship

Noteworthy Characters Edit

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