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List of locations in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

List of Commanderies[]

For the main page about commanderies, see Commandery.

Map of all Commanderies - Click for higher resolution

Northern China[]

Central China[]

Southern China[]

Gate Passes[]

  • Gu Pass commandery
  • Hangu Pass commandery
  • Hulao Pass commandery
  • Jiameng Pass commandery
  • Kui Pass commandery
  • Qi Pass commandery
  • San Pass commandery
  • Tong Pass commandery
  • Wu Pass commandery

List of Areas of Interest[]

Mountain ranges:

Provincial borders

Neighboring Provinces

List of Provinces[]

Han Provinces

Historically, provinces in China are a combination of several commanderies. This system is quite similair to the feudal system of Europe, where multiple counties together formed a duchy. The Han dynasty was divided into thirteen Zhou (Province), with Zhou of Sili being by far the most important one as it housed the captial Luoyang. Provinces are only mentioned and do not appear in-game as the commandery is used as the most basic geographic unit for gameplay reasons. Some of these provinces live on as kingdom names. For example, a powerful Ma Teng can become the lord of Liang, named after the province in which his faction is located. The 13 provinces of the Han are as follows:

  • Zhou of Bing
  • Zhou of Ji
  • Zhou of Jiaozhi
  • Zhou of Jing
  • Zhou of Liang
  • Zhou of Qing
  • Zhou of Sili
  • Zhou of Xu
  • Zhou of Yan
  • Zhou of Yang
  • Zhou of Yi
  • Zhou of You
  • Zhou of Yu

Gameplay purpose[]

Main article: Population (Total War: Three Kingdoms)#Starting population

Despite being a hidden setting in game, the Population mechanics are tied to Province. It should be noted that Provinces are only mentioned in the text and do not appear on the campaign map as the commandery is used as the most basic geographic unit for gameplay reasons. This means that player won't find the actual popluation data unless he/she specficially search for it.[1]


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