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List of locations in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

List of Commanderies[]

For the main page about commanderies, see Commandery.

Map of all Commanderies - Click for higher resolution

Northern China[]

Central China[]

Southern China[]

Gate Passes[]

  • Gu Pass commandery
  • Hangu Pass commandery
  • Hulao Pass commandery
  • Jiameng Pass commandery
  • Kui Pass commandery
  • Qi Pass commandery
  • San Pass commandery
  • Tong Pass commandery
  • Wu Pass commandery

List of Areas of Interest[]

List of Provinces[]

Han Provinces

Historically, provinces in China are a combination of several commanderies. This system is quite similair to the feudal system of Europe, where multiple counties together formed a duchy. The Han dynasty was divided into thirteen Zhou, with Sili being by far the most important one as it housed Luoyang. Provinces are only mentioned and do not appear in-game as the commandery is used as the most basic geographic unit for gameplay reasons. Some of these provinces live on as kingdom names. For example, a powerful Ma Teng can become the lord of Liang, named after the province in which his faction is located. The 13 provinces of the Han are as follows:

  • Zhou of Bing
  • Zhou of Ji
  • Zhou of Jiaozhi
  • Zhou of Jing
  • Zhou of Liang
  • Zhou of Qing
  • Zhou of Sili
  • Zhou of Xu
  • Zhou of Yan
  • Zhou of Yang
  • Zhou of Yi
  • Zhou of You
  • Zhou of Yu

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