List of locations in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

List of Provinces[edit | edit source]

Historically, province in China is a combination of several Commanderies. Provinces are only mentioned in the description, and the commandery is used as the most basic geographic unit for gameplay reason.

Starting from 1.5.0 A World Betrayed Chapter Pack, to better represent the realities of the population in Han China, all the provinces have had their starting populations reworked.

The North and central plains of China will now have a larger portion of population compared with the South, with the population in the South of the map being increased for A World Betrayed’s start, while the population in Luoyang and the plains North of the Yangtze River being larger for Mandate of Heaven.

Below is a list of the historical provinces and the in-game commanderies that would have been placed within them. Due to gameplay restrictions, all population numbers have been halved from the actual historical population sizes.

List of Commanderies[edit | edit source]

Commanderies are the most common administrative level on the campaign map.

Northern China[edit | edit source]

Central China[edit | edit source]

Southern China[edit | edit source]

List of Counties[edit | edit source]

List of area of interest[edit | edit source]

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