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Ma Teng is a playable and historical character featured in Total War: Three Kingdoms. Nicknamed Protector of the West, He is the default leader and one of the Vanguard class heroes in his faction. Ma Teng's ultimate goal is to build a great realm in the north-west of China, creating his own Dynasty and pushing forth to unite all of China under his rule.


Ma Teng is a born survivor. He’s well equipped to withstand the harsh conditions of the arid plains, mountainous regions and the deep jungle. But above all, Ma Teng is driven by loyalty. He is kind to others and respected by many.


All armies in Ma Teng's faction gain bonus military supplies, and when encamped, his troops are trained to forage for food. Meaning his armies are strongly equipped to push forward, continue on the front foot, and support a strategy of aggressive expansion.

Ma Teng’s faction can also construct the unique Xiliang Supply Lines building chain – one of the few food-production chains that can be built in Commandery capitals. This chain also institutes regional cavalry patrols, which improve the military supplies for armies in adjacent commanderies and depletes the military supplies of any invading forces. Ma Teng also benefits from his close connection to the Silk Road, gaining increased income from silk and spice.

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Starting positionEdit

TW3K Ma Teng-Start-Postion

At the start of the game, Ma Teng is at war with the Yellow Turbans in Wudu commandery. The player will have to conquer the entire commandery to gain a strong foothold in the west. Once the rebels in the area have been dispatched, Ma Teng will have to decide whether to drive his conquest south across the mountains or fight for control of the north-west alone.

One key differentiation of his faction is that Ma Teng's force is the only playable faction at the start of the game that is allied with the tyrant Dong Zhuo. Ma Teng is incredibly loyal to the Han dynasty and its regime, so he will support Dong Zhuo as the nominal chancellor of state.

Initial DilemmaEdit

TW3K Ma Teng-Inital-dilemma

Ma Teng’s dilemma triggers if/when Dong Zhuo meets his end. Without their tyrannical leader, Dong Zhuo’s faction will splinter as a civil war breaks out between the loyalists and the separatists. This leaves Ma Teng with a major choice. Does he join the conflict and open himself up to a huge war right on his doorstep? Or does he avoid bloodshed and leave Dong Zhuo’s riven faction to its own fate? The former provides him with the opportunity to rescue the child-emperor from the flames of war. But the latter allows him to focus on expanding his holdings elsewhere, biding his time only to strike later on.


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Although the exact details of Ma Teng’s birth are up for debate, many believe he was born in 156CE in Maoling County (Fufeng Commandery). His father, Ma Ping, was once an esteemed officer of the Han Empire, but he was dismissed from his post after a mysterious dispute. Ma Ping then went to live among the Qiang tribes in Northern China, married a local woman, and fathered Ma Teng. Ma Teng’s early life was one of great poverty. In his youth he was put to work selling firewood he collected from the mountains to help his family make ends meet.

He grew up to be an accomplished warrior, and when the Qiang tribes rebelled he enlisted in the Han army to secure the rule of the Han government. His significant martial prowess shone through, and when the rebellion was suppressed, he was granted the title of officer in the Han Empire. It was during this campaign that he met and became great friends with Han Sui, and together they now control much of Liang Province.

Rising from nothing to a position of power and wealth because of the support of the Han Dynasty, he is keen not to see it fall to pieces. While many others have broken their oaths of fealty, with the echoes of his father’s disgraceful removal still hanging in the air, Ma Teng is keen to avoid the same fate and bring further shame to his family.

Even as the storm of chaos rolls and thunders over Luoyang, Ma Teng does not let the squalls of the court cloud his mind. Though many say the dynasty is finished, Ma Teng remains loyal to the Han, prosecuting the enemies of the emperor above all else. On the western fringes of the empire, he has long defended China’s most valuable trade routes, holding back hostile interlopers, and will continue to charge into battle in the emperor’s name.

Ma Teng may treat his friends well, but he remains merciless with Han’s enemies. He was made General of the West and was persuaded, along with Han Sui, to aid Dong Zhuo in battling against the coalition that formed against him.[1]


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Ma Ping is Ma Teng's father. Ma Chao is Ma Teng’s son and heir, though at the outset of the campaign he is still a child. It will be a few years before he comes of age, but many within court already believe he has the potential to become a mighty warrior.

Han Sui is Ma Teng friend, together they have been defend West of China for years. Pang De is one of the starting general under Ma Teng's command.



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