For the faction leader, see Ma Teng (character).

Ma Teng leads his own faction in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

At the start of the game, Ma Teng is at war with the Yellow Turbans in Wudu commandery. The player will have to conquer the entire commandery to gain a strong foothold in the west. Once the rebels in the area have been dispatched, Ma Teng will have to decide whether to drive his conquest south across the mountains or fight for control of the north-west alone.

One key differentiation of his faction is that Ma Teng's force is the only playable faction at the start of the game that is allied with the tyrant Dong Zhuo. Ma Teng is incredibly loyal to the Han dynasty and its regime, so he will support Dong Zhuo as the nominal chancellor of state.

Early GameEdit

Ma Teng Map

"Even as the storm of chaos rolls and thunders over Luoyang, Ma Teng does not let the squalls of court cloud his mind. Though many say the dynasty is finished, Ma Teng remains loyal to the Han, prosecuting the enemies of the emperor above all else. On the western fringes of the empire, he has long defended China's most valuable trade routes, holding back hostile interlopers, and will continue to charge into battle in the emperor's name."

Unique FeaturesEdit

  • Qiang Hunters
    Ma Teng Unique Units

    Ma Teng Unique Units

  • Qiang Marauders
  • Qiang Raiders
  • Xiliang Supply Lines (Military building chain)
    • + Food from foraging
    • + Military supplies for friendly forces
    • - Miitary supplies for hostile forces
  • Loyalty to the Han
    • - Cannot declare as emperor by creating an emperor seat
    • +Can become emperor by capturing the capital of an existing emperor

Faction's Specialization: Foraging & Supplies Edit

  • Armies forage food when encamped
  • Increase military supplies bonus
  • Playstyle focus: Cavalry and military supplies

Noteworthy Characters Edit

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