Machine Tools
Etw industry metal machine tools
Prerequisite Measuring Tools, Wealth of Nations
Research Points Needed
Building Needed Ironmaster's Works
Leads To Steam Engine
Stream Metal Industry, Industry
Machine Tools is a Technology in Empire: Total War.


Precision, machine tools make components reliably and accurately, replacing the skilled eye and hand of a craftsman.

It is possible for a skilled man to make parts for any device that are all the same size and quality, but is was not easy for him to do this day in, day out. By using a series of machines that are set to carry an individual task each, it is possible to replace the skills of the craftsman with unskilled labour. A man only needs to know how to place a work item in a machine and pull a lever. The machine itself will always drill the proper hole, cut a shape or turn an item. The main restriction on the number of any device made disappears, as skilled labour is only needed to set up the machines. As a secondary benefit it is also possible to standardise even the most basic of items, such as nuts and bolts.

John Wilkinson (1728-1808), for example, created a new method of making cannons by casting them as a solid "lump" and then accurately boring out the barrel with a machine. His technique could also be applied to steam engine cylinders.

General InformationEdit

As this technology unlocks construction of new money-generating buildings, it is best served by having some money saved beforehand to be able to immediately construct the buildings that subsequently become unlocked. 

This technology is the last prerequisite for the powerful Steam Engine technology. It requires a substantial amount of research in both the Enlightenment and Industrial trees to become available, so planning ahead can yield rich rewards. 

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