TOB Mide
Leader Flann Sinna
Culture Gaelic
Game Thrones of Britannia


Mide lies at the heart of Ireland. Not just geographically, but politically, intellectually and spiritually. Many High Kings have risen from Mide, and its current ruler, Flann Sinna, aspires to that title.

With many fellow Irish factions nearby, Mide is in a position to potentially bring the disparate clans together, and usher in an era of Irish prosperity. However, threats are never far away… the Vikings of Dyflin have settled to the east, and their power and influence are growing. Will Mide strive to keep the uneasy peace? Unite the clans in a war against these Norse settlers? Or find some other route to supremacy?

Faction TraitsEdit

The Fair Of TailtiuEdit

Every third summer, Mide may hold the Fair of Tailtiu – a grand celebration attended by people from all over Ireland. There are many benefits to the Fair, such as improved diplomatic relations with allies and raised public order. The Fair will cost you money however, and if your capital is under siege, it will be postponed.

Mide also gains a diplomatic bonus with all Irish factions. Their unit roster favours excellent javelin skirmishers, and they field excellent mid to high-tier sword infantry, including the famous Gallowglass.

Unit RosterEdit

Melee Infantry Airig SwordsmenAirig WarbandFianna BandFianna SwordsmenForeign WarriorsFreemen AxemenGallowglassesKern AxemenKern SwordsmenMailed FiannaRaider Swordsmen
Spear Infantry Freemen SpearmenKern SpearmenSpear RaidersWood Spears
Missile Infantry Freemen ArchersFreemen JavelinmenKernsSerf ArchersWood Kerns
Special Wolf Hounds
Melee Cavalry Airig HorsemenAirig Mailed HorsemenHousehold HorsemenHousehold Riders
Missile Cavalry Horse BoysKern RaidersMounted Kerns
Artillery Catapult

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