Not to be confused with Militia (Empire: Total War).

Militia is the basic military unit in the game Medieval II: Total War. They are avalible only when you buy a Town Watch. There are different typs of militia such as

  • Spear Militia: They have a long shield and spear. And are best suited for fending of cavalry. They have the ability to form a schiltron formation.
Saracen militia info
  • Town militia: They have a small shield and spear. They can deal with most infantry, but dissolve quickly in prolonged combat and cavalry attacks.
  • Italian spear militia: These troops are tougher and more disciplined than their European counterparts, they can fend off infantry and cavalry and can last much longer in battle.
  • Italian town militia: Again these troops are tougher, more disciplined and last much longer in battle compared to European militia.
  • Halberd militia: Halberd militia are available to some European factions, and to Egypt and The Turks. They are strong and can form a spear wall. They are excellent when used against cavalry.
  • Merchant Cavalry Militia: A type of heavy cavalry available only with the Merchant's guild, that has heavy armour but lacks in training.
  • Swordsmen Militia: They have a small shield, light armour and a sword, and are only available to Spain and Portugal.
  • Pike Militia: These men use a late medieval weapon named a pike, which is a long spear about 5m in length that can stop any cavalry charge.
  • Voulge Militia: These men use a weapon named a voulge, a hacking weapon that can hold off infantry and cavalry. They are only available to France.