Attack: 5

TotalWarThraceMilitiaHoplites 01

Defense: 8

Recruitment Cost: 230

Abilities: Can form phalanx, bonus fighting cavalry, poor morale, can sap.

Hoplites formed the core of the Greek armies for centuries, with their long spears that stretched out more than a dozen feet in front of them. They almost always fought in phalanxes, presenting an impenetrable wall of iron to their foes. As their name may suggest, Militia Hoplites are drawn from civilian ranks of Thrace in times of great need, and therefore cannot be expected to be either skilled or disciplined fighters. However, they can still hold off an enemy for a substantial amount of time, particularly a mounted enemy. They are also the only Hoplite unit available for recruitment among the Thracians.
TotalWarThraceMilitiaHoplites 02

Militia Hoplites in phalanx formation.