Mimasaka is a province in Total War: Shogun 2.


Mimasaka is a, indeed the only, landlocked province in southern Chugoku. Thanks to its mountain, it has little farming, but the area is rich in iron deposits. The provincial capital Tsuyama is best known today for its outstanding Cherry Blossom Festival. Its 5000 cherry trees and ruined castle provide a setting for a re-enactment of a traditional daimyo procession.

General InformationEdit

  • Clan: Urakami Clan
  • Port: Nome
  • Fertility: Meager
  • Specialty/Resource: Iron

Along with Miyagi far to the east, Mimasaka is one of only two provinces to produce iron, allowing it to train units with a large discount. Iron is also required to build several types of advanced buildings, so Mimasaka is a valuable target for annexation or trade.

Aside from its iron resource, Mimasaka is a poor province, as it is landlocked without a port and only has meager soil.

Mimasaka is bordered by Hoki to the north-west, Bitchu to the south-west, Inaba to the north-east, Harima to the south-east, and Bizen to the south.

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