The Minotaur is a type of legendary hero unit in a Total War Saga: Troy.

Akin to a rebel or bandit king, he invokes the symbols of the past to make his claim for power. He uses a bull mask and double axe as means to connect to his Minoan heritage and incite followers.

The Minotaur can be found and recruited in specific locations, including Crete. His size and martial skill make him a daunting opponent to face on the battlefields of the ancient Mediterranean.

Description[edit | edit source]

Bulls played a critical role in the Minoan culture of Crete. This explains the origins of the myth of the Minotaur, a fearsome bull-headed monster with the body of a man who was eventually slain the hero Theseus. After the fall of Cretan civilisation at the hands of Mycenae, bandit gangs continued to employ the symbols of their defunct religion to inspire fear, donning horned helmets and animal skins to resemble the Labyrinth’s mighty guardian and emulating its legendary cruelty and thirst for blood.

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