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The Mori Clan is a playable faction in Total War: Shogun 2.

They are renowned as master sailors, and produce superior warships at a cheaper cost.

In-game Encyclopedia DescriptionEdit

The Mori have a long history of seafaring and are sea masters without equal. They can read the waves and move their fleets further than other clans, and their shipbuilding skills make the construction and maintenance of ships cheaper too. They can also build some rather superior vessels as well. The Mori came to prominence as jito, or stewards, of the Aki province after the Jokyu war in 1221. Despite owing their position to the Kamakura shogunate , they distanced themselves from their sponsors, and were in league with Ashikaga Takauji when he overthrew the old order. They got caught up in the struggles between Amako and Ouchi clans, and only survived by combining military might with astute diplomacy. Under Mori Motonari , their daimyo, the clan is still at war with the Amako and, indeed, their home in Aki is threatened by an invasion from the north by the Amako. They are still allied with the Ouchi clan of Suo and Nagati to the west, and have peaceful relations with the Kikkawa and Kono in Bingo and Iyo respectively. The war with the Amako is not without opportunity though: the Amako's home province of Iwami has deposits of precious metals. Access to other valuable resources would require the removal of the Kikawa and Kono. But with the sea-going skills of the Mori and the wealth of Iwami, an ambitious daimyo could go far, perhaps as far as the shogun's palace?

Initial InformationEdit

  • Generals
  • Admirals
  • Religion
  • Protectorates
  • AlliesOuchi Clan
  • Trade Partners
  • At WarAmako Clan
  • Military Units
  • Navy Ships
  • Agents
  • Treasury – 3000

Clan BonusesEdit

  • Increased campaign map movement range for all ships.
  • Reduced recruitment costs and upkeep for all ships.
  • Can recruit superior ships.


  • Aki


First Army
Second Army

Sagami Garrison

Short Campaigns Victory conditionsEdit

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Long Campaigns Victory conditionsEdit

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General InformationEdit

The Mori begin in Aki, an average province with a holy site. They are allied to the Ouchi Clan to the west, but hostile to the Amako Clan to the north. To the east they border the neutral Kikkawa Clan. Heading north is a logical direction, both to secure the Mori situation and also because the Amako own rich provinces. From there, the Mori can either secure Kyushu to transition to a safe end game, invade Shikoku to the south, or head east toward central Japan for a more challenging and active campaign.

The daimyo of the Mori clan, Mori Motonari, has some useful traits including the valuable Night Fighter trait, allowing him to engage night battles and therefore cut off enemy armies from reinforcing each other. Mori Motonari is unfortunately middle aged and will die of old age relatively soon in the campaign, but he has three sons, one of which is already of age and serving as the secondary Mori general.

Mori ships are superior to other ships, with better stats and larger crews. The Mori are also relatively close to the five trade nodes on the eastern side of Japan, and can wrest control of most of them if they start building ships quickly in the early game. On land, the Mori have access to the powerful Mori Wako Raiders, katana infantry with kisho training, to aid their otherwise standard army. Mori Wako Raiders are strong enough to beat Katana Samurai in even fights, plus they are cheaper to train and maintain, but they have very weak armor.


Shogun 2 Total War Mori Intro

Shogun 2 Total War Mori Intro

Shogun 2 Total War Mori Death

Shogun 2 Total War Mori Death

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