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Mori Wako Raiders
Wako Raiders S2TW
Appears in Total War: Shogun 2
Belongs to Mori Clan
Type Katana Infantry
Soldiers in each unit 10/20/30/40
Attack skill 12
Charge bonus 12
Anti-Cavalry Skill 0
Armour 3
Defense skill 7
Morale 10
Produced from
Cost 400
Upkeep 100
Turns to Train 1
Unit Cap None

Mori Wako Raiders are a type of katana infantry in Total War: Shogun 2. They are available to the Mori Clan with the Sengoku Jidai Unit Pack DLC.


Piracy prepares men to fight unfairly and with deceit. A wise commander uses these skills.

These wako raiders are lightly armed and wear little armour, which contributes to their ability to move with stealth and remain hidden. Indeed, wako raiders can hide almost anywhere: an enemy may end up convinced that they can hide behind every rice stalk! They can also move without revealing their position, making them useful for tactical surprises. Best of all, for a commander, before the battle they can actually be positioned outside the army’s normal deployment area. That they also have a good close attack, and good morale makes them even more useful as a weapon.

As far as the Chinese were concerned, all the Japanese were pirates, or in league with pirates. It wasn’t surprising that the Chinese were angered and frustrated. The Shogunate refused to address the problem, and the local lords were cheerfully profiting from piracy. The Chinese banned trade with Japan, but to no effect. Even punitive attacks by the Chinese failed to solve the problem of piracy. The Japanese had no real wish to rein in their pirates, for how else would they get stolen Chinese goods so cheaply?

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Can deploy outside the deployment zone.
  • Good melee attack and morale.
  • Weak melee defence and armour.
  • Vulnerable to cavalry and missiles.

General InformationEdit

Similar to kisho ninjas, Mori Wako Raiders may deploy anywhere on the battlefield except the deployment zone of the opposing army. This gives them potential to be good ambush units. They are the only land units to the Mori Clan.

Wako Raiders are quite cheap, with recruitment and upkeep costs more in-league with ashigaru units than samurai. Despite their low cost, they can defeat YariKatana, and Naginata samurai in evenly-matched battles. However, they have very poor armor, making them highly vulnerable to archers. They have no bonus against cavalry, either, making cavalry a good choice for fending them off. Finally, their recruitment requiring ports make them harder to obtain than those of most other units.

Mori Wako raiders benefit most from being trained in provinces with a blacksmithing tradition, to either maximize their potential as surprise attackers, or to shore up their weaknesses with their poor armor. The closest smithing specialty provinces to the Mori Clan's starting position with ports are unfortunately very far away: Satsuma, at the south-western tip of Kyushu Island, and Sagami, one of the Hojo Clan's starting provinces in the south-east of Honshu. Should the Mori Clan be able to obtain these provinces, they can create Wako Raiders that are essentially cheaper but superior Katana Samurai, with the added bonus of flexible deployment through their kisho training. A more accessible alternative would be to train Mori Wako Raiders in regions with a Holy Site specialty. This grants them greatly increased morale, a useful trait given that their kisho training deployment could leave them isolated from the rest of the army and thus more vulnerable to drops in morale. The Mori home region of Aki has both a port and hallowed grounds.

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