Navajo Scout Warriors
Navajo Scout Warriors
Belongs to Pueblo Nations
Type Missile Cavalry
Weapon(s) Bow; Tomahawk
Ammunition 20
Soldiers in each unit 45
Melee Attack 14
Charge bonus 12
Defense skill 8
Morale 11
Range 70
Accuracy 30
Reloading 30
Tech requirement None
Produced from Gunsmith
Special abilities


  • Can Hide in Woodland
  • Resistant to Heat Fatigue
  • Paths Seldom Trod
  • Can Hide in Long Grass
Cost 770 SP/580 MP
Upkeep 190
Turns to Train 1
Unit Cap None
Navajo Scout Warriors Icon
Navajo Scout Warriors are a type of missile cavalry in The Warpath Campaign.


These warriors have honed their archery and horsemanship over years of raiding.

These warriors have honed their archery and horsemanship over years of raiding. As a result, these men are horse archers almost without peer, well able to use any ground to full effect. Even superior firepower may be of little use against them, as they have the speed to attack and then pull back out of range before it can be brought to bear.

Raiding has always been an important, even natural, part of the Navajo economy. This made many enemies for the Navajo among other tribes as well as European settlers.

After many years of Navajo raids, counter-raids and treaties, the United States government demanded the surrender of the Navajo. It was the adoption of a scorched-earth policy that starved the Navaho out of their homelands. In January 1864, many Navajos started what became known as the Long Walk, a journey to Fort Sumner. The overcrowded reservation contained ten thousand people inhabiting an area meant for five thousand. Four hundred of those were Mescalero Apaches, rivals of the Navajo. The Navajos were eventually allowed to return home, in 1868, finally completing their Long Walk.

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