For the Empire: Total War faction, see New Spain (Empire: Total War).

New Spain2

New Spain on the ingame faction selection screen

New Spain is a faction in Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms Americas campaign. They have arguably the strongest infantry, cavalry and missile troops in the Americas, with the possible exception of New France or the English Colonies. However, they have a small number of men and must rely on native mercenaries.

The Kingdom of Spain, under the leadership of astute and powerful monarchs such as the current King Charles V, has risen to become one of Europe's paramount powers. After recently expelling the Moors from the Iberian peninsula, the Spanish people have come to see success as their God-given birthright. Spain has turned its attention to expanding its power by finding a new target for its battle-hardened forces and their indomitable spirit.

With Columbus' discovery of the New World in 1492-93 and the subsequent Spanish conquest of Cuba, a new avenue of unparalleled conquest has opened up. Previous Spanish expeditions to the New World, led by Hernandez de Cordoba (1517) and Juan de Grijalva (1518) have only fueled Spain's lust for conquest and riches. Returning explorers tell tales of gold for the taking and even entire cities made of gold!

New Spain
Now, Hernan Cortes, a brilliant leader determined to claim wealth and territory in the name of Spain, is following on from these great explorers. However, conquest in the New World is fraught with danger. It is a strange place inhabited by even stranger, savage peoples. Rumors abound that they worship pagan gods and perform sacrilegious rites... including vile cannibalism! Despite the danger, many Conquistadores see an opportunity to prove their reputation as Europe's greatest soldiers, as well as a chance to return home with untold riches. For the King of Spain, the New World is an opportunity to expand both Spain's empire and coffers, whilst dutifully carrying out the Church's work by converting the heathen savages.
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