In Shogun: Total War, the Ninja is a assassin, the first example of that type of agent in the Total War franchise.

Ninja have all the abilities of a shinobi but also have the ability to assassinate enemy taishos and agents. Their role parallels with that of rakes and assassins in following games.

Recruited from Ninja Houses.


Mongol InvasionEdit

Ninja assassins are also avaliable for recruitment in the Mongol Invasion campaign. Their sole use here is assassinating generals of the invading Mongol Horde.

Historical backgroundEdit

Ninjas were formed from bandit clans sometime in the 10th century. These bandits mastered the arts of combat and warfare in the form of what we call ninjutsu, ninja art. Though there common use as assassins is infrequent in history there use as mercenaries is what they were commonly used for. This is the reason why they also appear as units.

Unit ProfileEdit

  • Cost (amount of koku to recruit): 200
  • Time (amount of seasons it takes to recruit): 1

The Ninja is trained from birth for spying and assassination. Enemy Daimyo, Generals and Emissaries are all possible targets. The more senior the target the smaller the chance of success. Ninja get more effective each time they make a kill. [1]


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