Nordic Skirmishers
ATT Nordic Skirmishers

Missile infantry Very Light Skirmisher

Recruitment Cost 275
Upkeep Cost 175
Turns 1
Multiplayer Cost 350
Factions DanesFlag Attila Danes GeatsFlag Attila Geats JutesFlag Attila Jutes SaxonsFlag Attila Saxons
Size 160
Health 80
Armour 8
Missile Block Chance 20
Morale 34
Melee Attack 7
Melee Damage 11
Charge Bonus 2
Melee Defence 32
Ranged Damage 90
Rate Of Fire 71
Range 80
Ammunition 9
Movement Speed 40
Capture Power 10
Spotting 500.0
Hiding 1.0

Nordic Skirmishers are a type of missile infantry in Total War: Attila.


"Skirmishers can force the enemy into a hasty or rash attack."

The role of a skirmisher, lightly-armed and kept from melee combat, was not the part that young people aspired to fulfil. Bursting with energy, they craved the glory of one-on-one combat. However, a fledgling warrior first had to prove their worth before earning the right to bear arms. If granted such an honour, they hungrily sought battle or risked growing idle. The strongest immediately joined a veteran warrior’s retinue, hoping to earn glory fighting alongside him. Typically, the young occupied themselves with inter-tribal warfare and raiding to prevent loss of fitness. Raiding other tribes was not recognised as a crime, but instead seen as necessary training for younger members to nurture and maintain their appetite for battle.

Strength and WeaknessesEdit

  • Excellent Rate of Fire
  • Very Poor Armour
  • Low Ammunition

Base StatsEdit

Nordic Skirmishers
Number of Men: 160
Morale: 34
Bonus HP: 5
Melee Attack: 7
Melee Defense: 2
Charge Bonus: 2
Reload: 40
Ammunition: 9
Very Light Infantry
Hit Points: 75
Mass: 70
Walk Speed: 16
Run Speed: 40
Charge Speed: 55
Charge Distance: 35

Weapons and GearEdit

Melee Weapon
Damage: 10
Armour Penetration Damage: 1
Bonus vs Infantry: 0
Bonus vs Cavalry: 0
Bonus vs Elephants: 0
Building damage: 0.033
Missile Weapon
Damage: 70
Armour Penetration Damage: 20
Base Reload Time: 14
Range: 80
Bonus vs Infantry: 0
Bonus vs Cavalry: 15
Bonus vs Elephants: 15
Special Effects:
Small Round Shield
Melee Defence: 30
Armour: 5
Missile Block Chance: 20
Armour: 3


Ability Attila Precision Shot Precision Shot
Target: Self Initial Recharge: 0
Active Time: 30 Recharge Time: 210
Improved missile weapon damage for an extended period. These values are further modified by the unit itself.
Precision Shot (30s):
+50% Missile Damage
Fatigue (1s):
+100% Fatigue


Ability Attila Resistant to Fatigue Resistant to Fatigue
Fatigue has less of an effect on this unit.
Ability Attila Hide (forest) Hide (forest)
This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.
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