North Shinano is a province in Total War: Shogun 2.


General InformationEdit

  • Clan: Murakami Clan
  • Port: None
  • Fertility: Average
  • Specialty/Resource: None

North Shinano is a large province in eastern Japan. It is a meager province, with average soil, no port, and no specialty or resource. Its owner, the Murakami Clan, begins the campaign at war with the neighboring Takeda Clan. The Takeda Clan may find invading North Shinano to be a dangerous proposition, however, as North Shinano borders a total of seven provinces, and annexing North Shinano almost inevitably causes one or more of them to declare war. North Shinano is a useful buffer province, however, thanks to its large size.

North Shinano borders Echigo to the north, Kozuka to the east, Musashi to the south-east, Kai to the south, South Shinano to the south-east, Hida to the west, and Etchu to the north-west.

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