Oda Mon
Oda Clan Mon
Daimyō Oda Nobuhide
Color Gold/Black
Playable Yes
Appears in Grand Campaign
Emerges in See Regions
Controls Owari
Bonuses Superior Ashigaru:

Oda Yari Ashigaru
Oda Bow Ashigaru
Oda Matchlock Ashigaru

"Others may covet titles, but ashigaru, common spearmen, are the bedrock of Oda might. All know us, the commander of a thousand spears. It's an honor to lead such men. Our generals are battle-scarred veterans of righteous strength."
―Oda clan strength

The Oda are a clan in Total War: Shogun 2. They can field ashigaru--peasant warriors--that are superior to and cheaper than that of other clans.

In-game Encyclopaedia DescriptionEdit

From his castle in Owari, Oda Nobuhide commands a clan with a formidable reputation. The Oda are rightly respected for their skills as inspiring battlefield commanders of ashigaru. These common soldiers are cheaper to train and maintain than samurai, if not quite as deadly. Numbers, however, are becoming important in warfare, and ashigaru can be recruited in very large numbers. The Oda not only produce ashigaru efficiently and economically, they can also recruit superior ashigaru forces as well. Originally retainers of the Shiba clan, the Oda grew as the Shiba faded, but this only led to decades of strife within the family for supremacy. Eventually, the Kiyosu branch of the family came to prominence and eventually changed the clan name to Oda, a respectful acknowledgement of their ancestor, Taira no Chikazane, who had setted in Oda in Echizen. Now the Oda confront outsiders: to the north, the Saito of Mino province; to the east, the Tokugawa clan in Mikawa and, beyond them, the Imagawa lurk. An attack to the east could destroy his clan's enemies, and will also give the Oda access to valuble warhorses in Mikawa province. No warlord should ever ignore the chance to improve the quality of his cavalry, particularly at the expense of his enemies! Relations with the Tsutsui clan in Ise to the West have been peaceful recently, but Ise is a tempting prize because of its inspirational religious sites. And beyond the immediate lies the prize of the shogunate.

General InformationEdit

The Oda have a distinct early game advantage, where samurai are too expensive or otherwise unavailable, and therefore all factions rely on ashigaru troops. Oda ashigaru, particularly Oda Long Yari Ashigaru, can be formidable even into the late game, and thanks to their cheaper cost Oda armies can be fielded in greater quantity than that of their rivals.

The Oda start the campaign in the center-south of the map, close to the capital of Kyoto. It has good expansion opportunities to the north and the east. The weak Tokugawa Clan owns wealthy Mikawa province, which is ripe for the taking; to the north, Mino province is owned by the defenceless Saito Clan

The Oda family tree consists of its daimyo, Oda Nobuhide, as well as his two sons. 12-year old Oda Nobunaga is close to coming of age at the start of the campaign, with his 9-year old brother Oda Nobuyuki not far behind. Oda Nobuhide is "Impolite" and therefore has his clan suffer a diplomatic penalty, but he has the "Brave" trait, giving all his units +1 morale--a useful trait for ashigaru units. The secondary general, Takayama Muneyori, is an unrelated 27 year old with no traits. 

When controlled by the A.I, the Oda Clan tends to be one of the stronger clans in the late game if they can survive their difficult starting position. But due to their starting enemies, they tend to be one of the first great clans to be destroyed by an A.I. clan.





"Others may covet titles, but ashigaru, common spearmen, are the bedrock of Oda might. All know us, the commander of a thousand spears. It's an honor to lead such men. Our generals are battle-scarred veterans of righteous strength." - Oda clan strength

Shogun 2 Total War Oda Death

Shogun 2 Total War Oda Death

"Brave warriors all! What will become of them now? A harvest gathered?" - Oda defeat speech

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