Osumi is a province in Total War: Shogun 2, Rise of the Samurai, and Fall of the Samurai.


Together with Satsuma, Osumi forms the most southerly part of Japan, excluding the Ryukyu Islands. It has many active volcanoes, with Sakurajima being the most unstable. The volcanic soil and frequent ash deposits actually make the place rather fertile. The island of Tanegashima, where the Portugese captain Mendes Pinto was stranded in 1543, belongs to the Osumi Islands. For a long time all muskets were called tanegashima, as gunpowder in Japan was thought to originate from here.

Total War: Shogun 2Edit

Initially belonging to the Ito Clan, Osumi is a largely unremarkable province. Contrary to its description, Osumi has only average soil fertility. It is a good early target for the neighboring Shimazu Clan to invade. Osumi cannot be vassalized (the Ito Clan's home region is Hyuga, instead).

By far the greatest value of Osumi is the fact that it has a harbor in close proximity to the majority of trade nodes in the game.

Fall of the SamuraiEdit

  • Clan: Satsuma (playable, home)
  • Port: Harbour
  • Fertility: Meagre
  • Specialty/Resource: None

Osumi is the secondary province of the Satsuma domain. It is not nearly as useful as Satsuma, as it has meagre soil and no specialty. Nevertheless, the fact that Satsuma has a second province at all is an early game advantage, allowing it to train additional troops and agents early on.

Osumi borders Satsuma to the west, and Hyuga to the north. Across the sea to the south lies Tanegashima island.

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