Ouchi Clan
Ouchi Clan Mon
Daimyō ...
Color ???/???
Playable No
Appears in Grand Campaign
Emerges in ...
Controls Nagato, Suo
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The Ouchi Clan is a minor faction in Total War: Shogun 2.

General InformationEdit

The Ouchi Clan begins the campaign at war with the Otomo Clan. It is also initially allied to the Mori Clan. It controls Suo and Nagato, one of which has the warhorse resource and both of which have ports. These provinces also have significant strategic value, as they are at the entrance of Kyushu and Honshu.

When the Mori is the player-controlled clan, the Ouchi clan usually declares war fairly soon on the Mori despite being allies. When the Otomo is the player-controlled clan, the Ouchi can prove a significant threat: the Otomo begin the campaign already at war with the Shoni Clan and holds uneasy relationships with the rest of its neighbors due to its religion, and the Ouchi serve to make the situation more precarious.

Initial InformationEdit

  • Starting Year - 1545
  • Provinces - 2
  • Generals – None
  • Admirals – None
  • Religion – Shinto-Buddhism
  • Protectorates
  • AlliesMori Clan
  • Trade Partners – Mori Clan
  • At WarOtomo Clan
  • Military Units – 3 yari, 2 bow ashigaru & Daimyo's Bodyguard
  • Navy Ships – None
  • Agents – None
  • Treasury – 1500


  • First Army
  • Second Army
  • [Suo] Garrison: Daimyo's Bodygaurd, 2 spear & 1 bow ashgigaru
  • [Nagato] Garrison: 1 spear & 2 bow ashigaru


The Ōuchi family (大内氏 Ōuchi-shi) was one of the most powerful and important families in Japan during the reign of the Ashikaga shogunate in the 12th to 14th centuries descended of the king of Baekje on the Korean Peninsula. Their domains, ruled from the castle town of Yamaguchi, comprised six provinces at their height, and the Ōuchi played a major role in supporting the Ashikaga in the Nanboku-cho Wars against the Imperial Court. The Ōuchi remained powerful up until the 1560s, when they became eclipsed by their vassals, the Mōri clan.

Based in Suō Province, towards the western end of Honshū, the Ōuchi were among the primary families to be involved in foreign trade and relations, particularly with China. Following the Ōnin War(1467–1477), a strong rivalry developed between the Ōuchi and the Hosokawa family, who were now in power. The two clashed at Ningpo in 1523, and as a result the Chinese closed Ningpo to Japanese traders. By the time the Ōuchi were again allowed to send a ship a few years later, the trade was dying out. The family's trade with China fully came to an end by 1548, their monopoly broken by merchants from the seaport of Sakai. The Ōuchi also housed the Spanish Jesuit missionary Francis Xavier for a time in 1551.

As a result of their wealth and trading contacts, the Ōuchi gained renown in the worlds of art and culture as well. They possessed countless items of cultural and artistic significance and beauty, from Japan and China, as well as from further abroad. Particularly famous was the invitation by Ōuchi Masahiro of the famous painter Sesshū to Yamaguchi in 1486.

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