For the Napoleon: Total War unit, see Palestinian Auxiliaries (Napoleon: Total War).

Palestinian Auxiliaries
Palestinian Auxiliaries
Belongs to Ottoman Empire
Type Militia
Weapon(s) Musket
Ammunition 15
Soldiers in each unit 40/80/120/160
Melee Attack 6
Charge bonus 5
Defense skill 9
Morale 8
Range 70
Accuracy 35
Reloading 15
Tech requirement None
Produced from Barracks in Palestine
Cost 850
Upkeep 230
Turns to Train 1
Unit Cap None
Palestinian Auxiliaries Icon
Palestinian Auxiliaries are a type of militia in Empire: Total War. They are available to the Ottoman Empire with the Elite Units of the East DLC.


These musket-armed regulars are good soldiers and, as garrison troops, are well able to keep order among the ordinary folk.

These musket-armed regulars were good soldiers and, as garrison troops were able to keep order among the ordinary folk. Palestian auxiliaries would seem to be an oxymoron: high quality militia. In fact, they are extremely useful soldiers, perfectly capable of delivering volley fire and in melee also. They are, however, outmatched by regular infantry with better training and equipment, and are vulnerable to cavalry attacks as they lack the discipline to form defensive squares. However, their policing abilities more than make up for any battlefield shortcomings.

Palestine is an ancient land, although it has rarely enjoyed independence from outside control. After the Ottoman conquest of Palestine in 1516 the name disappeared from the maps, and the area was referred to as the vilayet or province of Sayda, now Sidon in modern Lebanon. The idea of a Palestinian people however persisted. The Palestinians were loyal to the idea of the Ottoman Empire and fought hard in its defence. Under Jezzar Pasha, the Palestinians were among the few who stubbornly held out at the Siege of Acre in 1799, forcing Napoleon Bonaparte and his French army to withdraw. This helped to bring his schemes of conquest in the Middle East to a halt.

General InformationEdit

Palestinian Auxillaries are in some ways marginally better Isarelys with better reloading, morale, and charging capabilities at the cost of worse accuracy and melee ability. However, they have several key weaknesses: they cannot utilize bayonets or form squares, and they can only be trained in Palestine. In terms of statistics, Palestinian Auxiliaries have poorer reloading and melee characteristics than Isarelys, yet cost more to train. Towards the late game, Nizam-I Cedit Infantry thoroughly outclass Palestinian Auxiliaries in every way save cost.


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