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Paris is a historical and playable character featured in Total War Saga: Troy. He is a prince of Troy.


Paris, the prodigal son of king Priam and favourite of the goddess Aphrodite, is remembered for instigating the Trojan War by returning from the kingdom of Sparta with Helen, the wife of King Menelaus, as his own god-given wife.

Paris, like much of the Trojan nobility, learned to use a bow and lead his men from early childhood. On the battlefield he preferred to keep his distance, firing deadly arrows from afar. According to the Iliad, Paris brought down mighty Achilles by mortally wounding him in the heel – the warrior’s only area of vulnerability.


Despite his act of romantic hubris, the prince, much like his elder brother Hector, was a skilled warrior and clever military commander who was willing to sacrifice his life in service to his people. His new wife accompanied him wherever he went, supporting the efforts of her beloved husband at every opportunity. He was also known to be a petulant, selfish man.


The prince rules over the Troad from a well-built citadel, where beautiful Helen can stare out over the endless sea, while in the east Hector guards Troy and to the north kin and potential allies hold sway. Chief among them is Aeneas, who holds the Hellespont, and the god-touched prince Troilus, who protects the coast.

However from the south an Aeolian king has secured a foothold on Trojan soil and awaits Achaean reinforcements. This dangerous invader ravages the land from his base on Lesbos. To the north lies gold-rich lands of Phrygia and Thracia. To the west, the fierce Amazonian hordes have settled, who could prove to be invaluable allies in the war against the Achaeans.


Paris competes for the succession of the Trojan throne as part of the Priam’s heir faction mechanic shared between the two princes. Both Paris and Hector need to fulfil tasks for Priam and accomplish deeds that gain his approval, which ultimately leads to being chosen as heir to Troy and confederating the realm of the other brother.

Helen my love is a mechanic unique to Paris. When Helen is moved from location to location for lavish feasts or other festivities this affects the populace in the region. But Helen must stay close to Paris so they can both be happy, as their moods affect the whole faction and the army led by Paris.