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The Warrior-queen sends forth a call to her warriors, for father Ares has blessed her and her vengeance is nigh.
— campaign loading screen

Penthesilea is a Homeric-historical and playable character featured in Total War Saga: Troy. She is an Epic Fighter Hero, part of the Amazon culture group. Her campaign is only playable after obtaining the Amazons DLC.


Born Melanippe (black mare), she witnessed, fifteen years prior, the devastation of Themiscyra by Athenian raiders, as well as the murder of her beloved elder sister Antiope. Taking on the name- Penthesilea (strong grief), she offered her life to the bloodthirsty god Ares, swearing to visit vengeance upon those who had dared desecrate the golden capital.

According to the Homeric tradition, she fought against the Achaeans in the war, rescuing Troy from certain defeat. Achilles himself killed her in single combat, only to fall in love with her upon removing her helmet. In other versions of the legend, it was not Achilles but Penthesilea who slew prince Hector in battle.


Penthesilea was the Warrior-queen of the Amazons during the Trojan War. While her sibling Hippolyta ruler over Amazon society, Penthesilea led their younger, hot-blooded sisters to war.


Penthesilea's Amazons cannot inhabit settlements and instead roam the land on horseback. Hordes earn their resources and favour by razing settlements and taking advantage of unique capture rewards.


The armies under Penthesilea's command can use utilize the blood oath unique faction mechanic to add blood-sworn units to their ranks. The potency of the oath depends on the amount of battle glory an army has earned.

Amazons can directly recruit only their most basic units. Once a unit has proven itself by campaigning and gained experience, it can be initiated into the Amazon war mysteries to become more powerful unit.

Epic mission chain[]