Attack: 8

TotalWarPontusPikemen 01

Missile Attack: N/A

Defense: 16

Abilities: Can form phalanx, bonus fighting cavalry, very long spears, can sap.

Recruitment Cost: 470

Phalanx Pikemen would be the core of most Pontus armies, but for one small fact. Their unit size is only 160. Now, most Non-greek city state phalanx is 240, but this isn't true with the Phalanx Pikemen of Pontus. More professional and with far more experience than the Pontic Eastern Infantry, the Phalanx Pikemen of Pontus are accordingly more effective as a unit, and provide good, solid phalanxes where Bronze Shield Pikemen are not available or required. They carry swords for close combat, although their primary function is to create a wall of pike-points and "fix" the enemy in place while other Pontic units go on the offensive.

34 pontus infantry pikemen phalanx screen

The smaller Phalanx Pikemen.

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