Attack: 8

TotalWarThracePikemen 01

Missile Attack: N/A

Defense: 13

Abilities: Can form phalanx, very long spears, bonus fighting cavalry, can sap.

Phalanx Pikemen are 240 in size, with long sarissas and a small shield. Phalanx pikemen, or phalangites, are well-drilled infantry who fight best as solid mass of men. They are armed with an enormously long pike, or sarissa, often 4-5m in length. This is the weapon that Alexander's armies used, and it has remained popular in all the Successor states that sprang up in his collapsed empire, even though most of the men recruited to fight as pikemen are neither Macedonian nor Greek by descent. It is popular because the first five ranks can present their pikes to the enemy creating a mobile forest of sharpened metal, while those further back hold them at a 45 degree angle to deflect enemy arrows. In phalanx formation these men can advance in a disciplined mass and 'push' against an enemy line, often breaking through in the process as few enemies will stand in the face of so many spear points coming towards them! Indeed, from the front a phalanx can be almost invulnerable. They are good at fighting, and recruited at Minor City level. They are the core of Macedonian, Thracian and Seleucid armies.
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