The Principality of Antioch is a playable faction in the The Crusades Campaign of Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms. Along with the Kingdom of Jerusalem, they are a Catholic Crusader faction.
Principality of Antioch

The Principality (blue) on the ingame map

The Principality of Antioch, including parts of modern-day Turkey and Syria, was one of the crusader states created during the First Crusade. Antioch fell to the Crusaders led by Bohemund of Taranto on June 3rd 1098. A massacre of the Muslim population ensued. Bohemond I, the crusader who led the conquest of Antioch, was captured in battle with the Danishmends in 1100, and his nephew Tancred became regent. Tancred expanded the borders of the Principality of Antioch, taking the cities of Tarsus and Latakia from the Byzantine Empire. Those cities along with other territory were lost after the Battle of Harran when Baldwin II was captured. Bohemond was released in 1103, but left Tancred as regent again when he went to Italy to raise more troops in 1105. He used these troops to attack the Byzantine army in 1107, and when he was defeated at Dyrrhachium in 1108 he was forced by Alexius I to sign the Treaty of Devol, which would make the Principality of Antioch a vassal state of the Byzantine Empire upon Bohemond's death; Bohemond had actually promised to return any land that was reconquered when the Crusaders passed through Constantinople in 1097. Bohemond also fought Aleppo with Baldwin and Joscelin of the County of Edessa; when Baldwin and Joscelin were captured, Tancred became regent in Edessa as well. Bohemond left Tancred as regent once more and returned to Italy, where he died in 1111.
Canons of the Holy Sepulcher (Principality of Antioch)2

The Canons of the Holy Sepulcher, one of the most powerful units of Antioch

The Principality of Antioch starts with the large and wealthy city of Antioch and the famous fortress of Krak de Chevalliers in what is now modern day Syria and Turkey. To the East and the North are the Turks and to the South there is the Kingdom of Jerusalem. There is also room to expand East to Aleppo and Edessa; to the North to Adana; and to the South to Balbek and Homs, all of which are held by rebels. Most of the Principality's campaign will be spent fighting the Turks and/or the Kingdom of Jerusalem if the alliance is broken.

While the Kingdom of Jerusalem has excellent heavy cavalry, the Principality of Antioch utilizes excellent infantry, such as foot knights. However they lack missile cavalry which will leave them at a disadvantage against the Islamic factions. Overall, the Principality has strong heavy infantry and decent heavy cavalry but fields a bad variety of light units.

The Mamluk Sultan of Egypt (Baibars al-Bunduqdari) overran Antioch in 1268 along with all of Syria. Thus the Principality of Antioch was at an end.

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