Regimento de Arlanza
Regimento de Arlanza NTW
Appears in The Peninsular Campaign
Belongs to Great Britain, Portugal, Spain
Type Light Infantry
Ammunition 15
Soldiers in each unit 30/60/90/120
Melee attack 3
Charge bonus 8
Defense skill 8
Morale 6
Range 100
Accuracy 35
Reloading 35
Produced from Any administrative or military building in a region capital (Spain), granted upon liberating Burgos (Great Britain)
Special abilities
Cost 530
Upkeep 130
Turns to Train 2
Unit Cap 1
Regimento de Arlanza NTW Icon
Regimento de Arlanza are a regiment of guerrilla light infantry in The Peninsular Campaign.


This light infantry force form a screen to slow the enemy advance and keep their own battle line unmolested by enemy skirmishers. Guerrilla units can be deployed anywhere on the battlefield except inside the enemy deployment zone or within range of the enemy general.

It is the job of these men to cover the main battle line, harass the enemy and, if possible, pick off important enemy leaders. Their range and accuracy are excellent but their inability to form square leaves them vulnerable to cavalry, and a well trained infantry unit will best them in line. However, Guerrilla Cazadores are capable of forming a disciplined line as well as fighting in loose skirmish order.

Although the romantic image of the guerrilla is of a wild man of the mountains, hiding amongst rocks and sleeping under the stars, some were simply professionals who took up arms to protect their fellow countrymen. Juan Palarea Blanes or El Medico, "The Doctor”, had a successful medical practice in Madrid, at least until the French occupation in 1808. His treatment at French hands forced him to raise a band of guerrillas, originally mainly mounted troops that thwarted the French at every opportunity. In May of 1811 he added the Cazadores Francos Numantinos to his party. These light troops were soon incorporated into the 4th Spanish Army and El Medico and his men gained a reputation for bravery as they fought for the people of Spain.

General InformationEdit

The Regimento de Arlanza are somewhat inferior to standard Guerrilla Cazadores, but are also slightly cheaper. 

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