In Total War: Attila, every faction has a state religion, which gives access to unique buildings and edicts, and gives gives a special global bonus. Furthermore, every province has a population which follows a mix of the available religions, and can cause public unrest.

State Religion Edit

Every faction has a state religion. The state religion gives a unique factionwide bonus, and gives access to a religious building chain and religious edicts. For the details, see the individual religion pages

In addition, you get a +10 attitude with every faction of the same religion and a -10 attitude with every faction of a different religion


To convert to a certain religion, at least 35% of the population has to follow that religion. You can convert in the faction screen, under the summary tab.

Province Religion Edit

The population of every province is divided over the different religions present in the province. The percentage of the population that does not follow the state religion causes public order penalties. The presence of a religion in a province depends on the influence a religion has in a province. The equilibrium presence of a religion is given by: (religion influence)/(total influence) * 100%

For example, when Arianism has 3 influence in a province, and all other religions have a  combined influence of 7, the presence of arianism in this province will be 3/(3+7) * 100% = 30%

When the influence changes, the presence of each religion will slowly adjust to the new equilibrium.

The different factors causing influence are:

Regional developmentsEdit

Caused by buildings and edicts in the province.


Caused by buildings, edicts or religious bonuses in neighboring provinces.


Caused by governor bonuses. Note that these bonuses count once per settlement owned, so if you own all 3 settlements in a province, the bonus counts three times.


Caused by the agents present in the province.

Local TraditionsEdit

Fixed per province, and do not change during the campaign.

Holy SeeEdit

Holy See is a special resource. Arian, Latin Christian and Greek Christian factions can build a special holy see building chain in these provinces. The following provinces have a holy see:

  • Roma
  • Constantinopolis
  • Antiochia
  • Aelia Capitolina
  • Alexandria

Religions Edit

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