Reorganised Procurement
Etw military army reoganised procurement
Prerequisite New Model Bayonet Drill
Research Points Needed
Building Needed Military Academy
Leads To None
Stream Military, Military

Reorganised Procurement is a Technology in Empire: Total War.


As armies grow in size and complexity, foraging and looting rarely support military operations for long periods. Supply must be put on a formal lodging.

Traditionally, the colonel of each regiment was responsible for making sure that his men are adequately clothed and shod, and carry weapons and ammunition to see them through a campaign. However, as armies increase in size military officers actually began to compete with each other for scarce resources, and this only serves to drive up prices - and the profits of the unscrupulous and unpatriotic. It also turns the centralised co-ordination of, and sharing of, campaign supplies into an administrative triangle. It is true that it does not matter if an army has many types of shoes, as long as everyone has a pair. But something as seemingly simple as a common size of cannon ball can become problematic if every colonel of every regiment is allowed to organise and order his own weapons.

In addition to laying down standards for drill and military evolutions, during the 18th Century the army staffs of various nations (such as they were) also began to sort out the tangle of supply. The whole business was, in many nations, riddled with corruption and preferential treatment for friends, with bribes and kickbacks as well. While a certain amount of patting money into friends' pockets was considered acceptable, there were limits.

General InformationEdit

Unlike most technologies, Reorganized Procurement drives costs up in most cases, particularly if the existing army is large. However, the technology is important for progressing further down the tree.

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