Sagara Clan
Sagara Mon
Sagara Clan Mon
Daimyō Sagara Haruhiro
Color Red and Black
Playable No
Appears in Grand Campaign
Emerges in Higo
Controls Higo

The Sagara Clan is a minor faction in Total War: Shogun 2.

General InformationEdit

The Sagara initially border Shimazu-held Satsuma to the south, Amako-held Hizen to the north, and Otomo-held Bungo to the east. The Sagara are the only initial trade partners of the Shimazu. They may come into conflict with the Shimazu and/or the Otomo Clan as the campaign progresses.

The Sagara aren't initially at war with any of their neighbors. Their very fertile province of Higo is the only province on Kyushu that has the warhorse resource, allowing any faction that captures it access to superior cavalry.

Initial InformationEdit

  • Starting Year - 1545
  • ProvincesHigo
  • Generals – Sagara Haruhiro (Daimyo), Katakura Aritoki
  • Admirals – None
  • Religion – Shinto-Buddhist
  • Protectorates – None
  • Allies - None
  • Trade Partners – Shimazu
  • At War – None
  • Military Units – General Bodyguard (x2), Yari Ashigaru (x2), Bow Ashigaru (x1)
  • Navy Ships – None
  • Agents – None
  • Treasury – 1500


  • First Army – Katakura Ariitoki (General), Yari Ashigaru (x2) Bow Ashigaru (x1)
  • Second Army – None
  • Higo Garrison – Sagara Haruhiro + Bodyguards
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