For the Fall of the Samurai faction, see Satsuma.

Satsuma is a region in Total War: Shogun 2, Rise of the Samurai, and Fall of the Samurai.


Satsuma is a wealthy province on the southern end of Kyushu. Home to the Shimazu clan, it has a long and impressive swordsmithing tradition. Its remote location and good trading links make it a good place for foreign trade. The Shimazu ruled the area for a long time, and can be considered one of the most successful clans. They conquered the Ryukyu kingdom, managed to gain various exceptions from shogunate rule, and had major influence within the Meiji government.

Total War: Shogun 2Edit

General InformationEdit

Satsuma is the home of the Shimazu Clan. Nestled in the south-western corner of the map, Satsuma is very easy to defend, and expansion from this location is straightforward. Satsuma is the only province on the island of Kyushu that has a smithing specialty, giving the Shimazu access to superior samurai early in the game. It is also blessed with having a port near a majority of trade nodes, giving the Shimazu potential to become very rich should they hold these nodes. Other major factions, particularly the Otomo Clan, can find Satsuma a useful province to capture for its smithing specialty, though it becomes an impractical training center due to its distance from the rest of the map toward the mid-late game.

Satsuma is bordered by Osumi to the south, Hyuga to the east, and Higo to the north.

Fall of the SamuraiEdit

General InformationEdit

  • Faction: Satsuma (Playable, Home)
  • Port: Port
  • Fertility: Meagre
  • Specialty/Resource: Smithing

Satsuma remains the home of the Shimazu, now heads of the Satsuma domain. While trade nodes no longer exist for owners of Satsuma province to exploit, retains its smithing specialty as well as its defensible position on the campaign map. The smithing specialty is perhaps even more important in Fall of the Samurai, where battles often become shooting matches and higher accuracy often wins the day.

Satsuma is bordered by Osumi to the southwest and Hyuga to the east. To the south and across the sea lies the island of Tanegashima. Unlike its Shogun 2 incarnation, Satsuma does not border Higo.