The Sclavenians are a playable faction in Total War: Attila. They belong to the Slavic Culture Pack DLC.

Overview Edit

Descended from a noble, pure line of Slavic ancestors, the Sclavenians will see the Slavic people endure and prosper, through blood and battle!

Roman historians divided the various Slavic tribes into Venedians, Anteans and Sclavenians, based on geography. The name 'Sclaveni' literally translates as 'land of the Slavs'. They were all, the Romans supposed, descended from the same tribe, eventually branching off into extended family groups or clans. The Sclavenians, in particular, were known to be an aggressive people who took advantage of the weakened and thinly-spread Imperial armies, raiding Thrace and Illyricum - intent on finding both loot and a place to settle. Inevitably, this drew the ire of the beleaguered, but nevertheless proud and mighty Roman Empire, who now work with rival tribes to combat Sclavenian incursions.

The greatest powers of the world now fear them, yet as the 4th century AD ebbs away, the 5th promises further trials and unending challenges. Yet the Sclavenians are possessed of a fierce and irresistible temperament, showing time and time again that they are capable of mighty feats, and that the future will be no different!

Faction TraitsEdit

Cultural TraitsEdit

Hardy WarriorsEdit

"Born of the frozen north, the Slavs are masters of agriculture and dogged, determined enemies."

  • Attrition: Immune to snow attrition
  • No colonisation cost
  • Construction cost: -50% for main settlement buildings

Faction TraitsEdit

Horned is the HunterEdit

"Formidable fighters from the Great European Plain; woe betide any who try to raid their territory!"

  • Morale, Melee Defence, Melee Attack: +10 and Melee Damage: +20% when fighting nomadic factions
  • Extra income for every enemy unit destroyed
  • Public order: +5 from military presence

Unit RosterEdit

Melee Infantry Slavic AmbushersSlavic Axe LevySlavic Axe WarriorsSlavic AxemenSlavic ChampionsHorse ButchersHorse CuttersPerun's AxesPerun's ChampionsWarlord's GuardSlavic Warriors
Spear Infantry Chosen ShieldsSlavic Large ShieldsSlavic Levy SpearmenSlavic Noble SpearmenSlavic Spearmen
Missile Infantry Slavic ArchersSlavic HuntersSlavic Levy ArchersSlavic Levy SkirmishersSlavic Noble SkirmishersSlavic Skirmishers

Missile Cavalry Slavic Horse RaidersSlavic RaidersSvarog's Raiders
Siege Artillery OnagerBastion Onager

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