Attack: 15

TotalWarPontusScythedChariots 02

Defense: 1

Hit Points: 4

Recruitment Cost: 920

Abilities: Special attack, frightens nearby enemy, may charge without orders, good morale, chariot horses may run amok.

Like the Seleucids, the armies of Pontus attached blades to their chariot wheels, allowing these spiked vehicles to mow down men and horses alike as they drove past them. Pulled by two horses and carrying an extremely heavily armed and armored soldier, Scythed Chariots tend to be just as excitable as any cavalry unit, and their high morale is balanced by their overconfident and substantial lack of discipline. Nevertheless, this is an extremely powerful unit. The chariot drivers are armed and armored like Cataphracts, and Scythed Chariots will be guaranteed to shred any cavalry to pieces. Using a charge and surprise advantage, these terrible devices may even be able to counter camel units at certain times, a feat impossible to even contemplate for most other cavlary troops.
TotalWarPontusScythedChariots 01

Pontic Scythed Chariots and their armored drivers preparing for battle.

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