Settsu is a province in Total War: Shogun 2.


Settsu is not a farming province, but its proximity to the capital and its Inland Sea port makes it very valuable. As a relatively urbanized province with a fairly substantial middle class it is also a place of administration and learning. It is also home to the oldest temple in Japan and to the rebellious and troublesome Ikko-Ikki. Today Osaka, the provincial capital, is the financial hub of Japan and has the headquarters of many well-known companies, such as Panasonic and Capcom. Osaka Castle is a prominent tourist destination, and the city's inhabitants are well known for both their cuisine and distinctive dialect.

General InformationEdit

Settsu hs above average wealth thanks to the combination of its average soil, trading port, and the potential for higher tax income thanks to its philosophical tradition.

Along with neighboring Kyoto, Settsu is one of only two provinces in the center of the map to have philosophical traditions, making it a valuable place to train metsuke from and to boost research rates.

While Settsu belongs to the Miyoshi clan, it usually is annexed by other clans early in the game, as Miyoshi cannot directly reinforce it from its home province of Awaji.

Settsu borders Harima to the west, Tamba to the north, Kyoto to the northeast, Kawachi to the east, and Kii to the south. Settsu is also very close to the island of Awaji, making it a natural staging point to invade Shikoku from (and vice versa).

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