For the similarly named unit from Napoleon: Total War, see Sharpshooters.

Sharp Shooting
Etw wc sharpshooting
Prerequisite The Warpath Campaign DLC

Hunting Techniques

Research Points Needed
Building Needed Warrior Lodge
Leads To None
Stream Military, Native
  • Increases the marksmanship of units in battle by +5
Sharp Shooting is a Technology in Empire: Total War.  It is available with The Warpath Campaign DLC.


A steady hand, a sharp eye and training improve marksmanship, a useful skill to impart to warriors.

Although sharpshooting involves bullets rather than arrows, the idea is the same; pick your target, aim carefully, and let fly. When outmatched, any tactical advantage that can be gained through the use of carefully positioned marksmen is welcome. A tribe that can pass skills from warrior to warrior makes the best use of its people too.

Early firearms used by the Native Americans were single-shot, muzzle-loading flintlock pistols. Those guns inspired awe and fear, but were, in fact, primitive, inaccurate and unwieldy. It was only after the arrival of repeating breech-loaders that the bow became largely obsolete, and by then the natives were the masters of firearms in both hunting and warfare.