TW3K siege escalation

Siege escalation is a gameplay mechanics in Total War series. Introduced in Total War: Attila.

Total War: AttilaEdit

The system is introduced in Total War: Attila. Siege a settlement for longer, player's army will cause more damage to settlement over time, lowering the morale of the defending troops, weakening walls, and causing civilians to flee the field when player decide to fight the battle. Likewise, any damage caused to buildings in your battles carries back to the campaign map – so do you take a city with high defenses, or do you wear down the walls first? It’s your choice.

Total War: Three KingdomsEdit

The system returns in Total War: Three Kingdoms. It's similar to Attila that Siege a settlement for longer, the damage caused to settlement will be greater. Player can also target buildings inside settlement, which the damage carries back to the campaign map.

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