Attack: 9

TotalWarSeleucidRomans 01

Missile: 13

Defense: 22

Recruitment Cost: 710

Abilities: Can form testudo (tortoise) formation with shields, javelins thrown before charge, good morale, good stamina, can sap.

Just as the Seleucids inherited the phalanx from their Macedonian predecessors, they were able to learn the legionary tactics from the Romans. Able to switch formations far more easily than pikemen, these legionaries are the most useful of all Seleucid infantry units. They even wear similar armor and carry the same weapons as the Romans - namely pila (javelins) and a short sword, in addition to a large, rectangular, shield that protects much of the body. These Romanized infantry are the best copies of the Roman Legions available abroad, and are each commanded by a Greek Hoplite captain serving as a centurion.
TotalWarSeleucidRomans 02

Seleucid Silver Shield Legionaries in Roman battle formation.