For the Medieval II: Total War unit, see Sipahis (Medieval II: Total War). For the similarly named unit in Napoleon: Total War, see Siphai Cavalry.

Belongs to Ottoman Empire. Maratha Confederacy
Type Lance Cavalry
Weapon(s) Lance
Soldiers in each unit 15/30/45/60
Melee Attack 14
Charge bonus 23
Defense skill 13
Morale 10
Tech requirement None; can utilize Wedge Formation and Diamond Formation
Produced from Army Vizirate
Special abilities


  • Resistant to heat fatigue
Cost 1080 SP/840 MP
Upkeep 320
Turns to Train 1
Unit Cap None
Sipahis icon
Sipahis are a type of lancer cavalry in Empire: Total War.


Sipahis are superb horsemen and their ornate lances are deadly when brought to bear at the charge.

They are unswervingly faithful and proudly deserving of their elite status. Mounted on the finest horseflesh, they carry ornate lances into battle which are deadly when brought to bear at the charge. When delivered in the flanks or rear of an enemy formation, such a charge often proves decisive to the course of a battle.

As fief-holders, Sipahis are granted the income from a parcel of land in exchange for their military service, and they are also expected to supply a number of armed men. Highly disciplined and enjoying the high status common to many cavalry corps, Sipahis see themselves as superior to the sometimes unruly Janissaries, with whom they maintain a simmering rivalry. A contributing factor to this is that Sipahis are all ethnic Turks, whereas the Janissaries are of mixed stock, recruited as children from provincial Christian families and converted to the Islamic faith. Regardless of these petty concerns, Sipahis represent the best horsemen available to the Sublime Porte.

General InformationEdit

In contrast to most other lancer cavalry, sipahis are heavily armored and boast good defensive statistics. Together with their excellent charging bonus, they can smash into an enemy and stay in the fight without fear of losing quite as many men as their lighter counterparts. Sipahis pay for this durability with their poor stamina.

For the Ottoman Empire, sipahis are the only heavy cavalry available without DLC. With the Elite Units of the East DLC, they have also gain access to Circassian Armoured Cavalry: hardier, more expensive, and recruited only in Anatolia. Sipahis still have the edge in charging bonus against even these elite cavalry.

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