Soldiers: 40

TotalWarParthianSlingers 01

Attack: 4

Charge Bonus: 2

Weapon Type: Missile

Total Defense: 4

Armor: 0

Defence Skill: 2

Shield: 2

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 150

Upkeep: 170

Morale: 4

Abilities: Fast Moving, Can Sap

Ammunition: 40

Slingers of Parthia perform a similar role to archers and skirmishers; their attack differs in method rather than in result. They can "reload" faster than most archers, but are even more vulnerable against any kind of close combat troops. The most famous slingers of the ancient world were those of the Balearic Isles. In general, slingers were not quite as widely used as, say, archers or skirmishers, for whatever reason.

Slingers perform the same role as archers, the main difference being that Slingers reload faster and can more than often deafeat archers in direct ranged skirmishes. However, they are terribly vulnerable when compared even to archers. The Parthians have little need for ranged infantry due to the horse archers and persian cavalry units means there main role will be holding city walls. Though archers excel more in this role their inability to use flaming projectiles also limits their effectiveness. The sling is a very basic easy to use and more importantly deadly weapon a lead stone or just an improvised stone is placed in a sling which is then spun and hurled at opponents, capable of piercing a horse's head.
TotalWArParthianSlingers 02

Parthian slingers readying themselves for battle.