Soldiers: 80

Attack: 16

TotalWarSpartanHoplites 01

Missile Attack: N/A

Total Defense: 17

Hit Points: 2

Recruitment Cost: 1190 

Abilities: Can form phalanx, bonus vs. cavalry, excellent morale, powerful charge, very good stamina, can sap.

The Spartan Hoplites were the elite. Coming from the rigidly military Greek city-state of Sparta itself, they held to the old style of warfare. With a Hoplon, pike and red cloak, they were truly fearsome to behold. Sparta fielded the best infantry in the Ancient world for many years. Babies who appeared weak or sick were left to die; strength and discipline were the only things that mattered in Sparta. These hoplites are even better-trained than the Romans legionaries, since military prowess is the only thing that matters in their society; however, they have the same weaknesses as other hoplites, specifically a lack of tactical maneuverability. The Battle of Thermopylae, also known as the Last Stand of the 300, featured 300 Spartan king's guard and some Athenian and Corinthian allies against 250,000 Persians. Spartan hoplites in the game can only be recruited from Sparta or Syracuse. To recruit them one must have the best barracks available, and the best government administrative building available. The Spartan hoplites also take 2 turns to recruit. But they are elite when defending small passes such as bridges, when engaged in the phalanx formation.
34 greek infantry hoplites spartans screen

The famed Spartan Hoplites.